This should eventually serve as a sort of Table of Contents to the wiki. Right now, it's more of a reminder of what we need to add.

For those just joining us...

A "getting started" guide with links and information for people who aren't familiar with LEVELS.

The LEVELS Project

To quote their FAQ, LEVELS was founded "to assist those who wish to participate in ARGs but do not possess such knowledge and experience." Their primary plan is to do this through an increasingly-difficult series of tutorials and related puzzles, allowing players to gain experience and rise in "Levels."

The Tutorials

They have said that unlike the previous tutorials, available on their Discussion Forum, their new teaching methods will be much more interactive. They have not yet given an official date for launch of this feature, but have stated they are nearing completion of some extensive upgrades to their website done in preparation for its release.

Additional Activities

In addition, they have many other activities available, most of which do not require website membership:

  • The Game Room
  • The Hallway
  • The Puzzle Pieces
  • The Golden Keys
  • The Locks on their Welcome page

The People

  • The LEVELS Team
    • The Current Team
    • Previous Team Members
  • Valin Steel

The Mysteries

Individuals (possibly groups) related to LEVELS

  • Valin Steel
  • Anti Lotophagi

Groups who have been found to have some sort of secret involvement in LEVELS

  • Kurtis's Group