The LEVELS ARG School "and more"

This wiki is devoted to the LEVELS ARG School. They state on their website that their purpose is to assist new ARG players with learning how to solve ARG puzzles and how to investigate ARGs, as well as experienced ARG players who want to learn more advanced skills. Their Twitter profile states they are "A school and more" and invites everyone to discover what they mean by "and more."

Currently Available Activities

On December 25, 2017, the LEVELS ARG School began a 12 Days of Decoding challenge on Reddit.

On their website, LEVELS has two sections containing puzzles: the Hallway and the Game Room. (Access to the Hallway can also be gained via the Rabbithole.) Their Welcome Page contains a number of locks, one of which is now unlocked and leads to a puzzle trail.

LEVELS actively encourages members to create and share their own Player-Created Challenges. The players are currently running a Forum Challenge

We are currently working to update this wiki, so stay tuned. For the latest information on their activities, be sure to follow their Twitter account at @ARG_School!

Previous LEVELS paths

LEVELS has undergone a number of iterations since it began late in 2016. The last team suspended development on the website in June, 2017 (though all existing content remained available). A seemingly new team has taken over and activities resumed in November, 2017.

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